Contact the Investigations Division at 913-971-7500.

Report illegal narcotics activity at 913-971-7897

Investigations Division Personnel

All Investigations Division officers and detectives began their careers as police officers in the Patrol Division. All positions in the Investigations Division are filled via a competitive selection process.


The Investigations Division primary function is to identify and investigate the person(s) responsible for the commission of criminal acts within the City of Olathe.  This is accomplished through both proactive and reactive investigative measures.  Typically, the Investigations Division does not become involved in a criminal case until after a uniformed officer receives a call, which is reported from a victim, the officer writes a report and forwards it to the Investigations Division.  Some of the criteria used to determine which cases will qualify for assignment to a detective include; having known suspect information, eyewitness statements, suspect vehicle information, physical evidence (such as fingerprints or biological evidence, tool marks, etc, or unusual methods of operational crime patterns.  Many investigations can be completed in a matter of weeks, whereas other investigations may take years before they are solved.   


Within the Investigations Division there are unit breakdowns of case assignment.

  • Persons Crime which include homicide, suicide, suspicious unattended death; robbery; rape, kidnapping, aggravated battery, aggravated assault, and aggravated criminal threat; aggravated weapons violation; hate crime;  domestic violence; missing persons; child abuse; elder abuse; family-based sex crimes; and other family-related crime.
  • Property Crime which includes identity theft; forgery; blackmail and bribery; illegal gambling; and fraud-related theft, vehicle theft; vehicle burglary; theft from a vehicle, burglary (to structures) and theft.  The unit also conducts computer forensic autopsies and is assigned all computer-related crimes, to include child pornography and sexual solicitation cases.
  • Crime Scene Investigation Unit conducts crime scene investigations, collects and processes evidence, and liaisons with the police department’s Property Unit.