Hire an Off-Duty Police Officer

This is an informational page for businesses, groups, or individuals interested in hiring an OPD officer in an off duty capacity.

How to Request an Off-Duty Officer

Office Hours:  Monday - Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Phone:  (913) 971-6730
Fax    :  (913) 971-6366

  1. Contact the Olathe Police Department at least two weeks prior to the event.
  2. Provide the following information to the Off-Duty Coordinator:
  • Sufficient Insurance Coverage
  • Description of job duties to be performed
  • Off-Duty Employer Acknowledgement and Approval Form
  • Allow a site visit, if necessary

What powers does an off-duty officer hold?

Olathe Police Department employees are allowed to work private events while off-duty.  Off-duty assignments are separate from an employee’s regular employment relationship with the City whether performed in uniform or in civilian clothes.  Services offered are related to security or law enforcement typically providing protection for persons or property, maintaining order at events, and traffic or pedestrian control on private property.

Off-duty officers should not provide any on-duty law enforcement response to criminal activity if the matter can be handled by an on-duty officer.  Off-duty officers should attempt to contact on-duty officers if the use of police force is required.

Can I hire an off-duty officer?

Off-duty officers provide services related to security or law enforcement typically providing protection for persons or property, maintaining order at events, and traffic or pedestrian control on private property.  Off-duty assignments are limited to the Olathe city limits unless otherwise approved by the Police Chief.

Off-duty assignments can be one-time or more permanent assignments.  The off-duty officer should operate as one of your employees.  Permanent assignments should require all traditional paperwork associated with employment (W-4, K-4, etc.).

The Olathe Police Department is NOT obligated to provide off-duty police services.  Off-Duty Employment will not be approved to any business, group, or individual whose officers, members, business, or operations are of questionable nature; create a conflict of interest; or for any event that will discredit the employee, Police Department, or the City.  Some prohibited employment includes:

  1. Retailers who sell, manufacture, or transport alcoholic beverages, liquor or cereal malt beverages as the principal business;
  2. Retailers or employment which sells pornographic material, or provides services of a sexual nature;
  3. Gambling establishments not exempted by law;
  4. Any firm connected with the towing or storage of vehicles; bill collecting, bodyguards, bail bonding services, re-possessors, private investigators, process servers, or taxi cab drivers;
  5. Performance of any work for an entity/organization or labor group that is on strike;
  6. Performance of any non-police work regulated or licensed through the department;
  7. Performance of any personnel investigations for any entity/organization;
  8. Performance of any activity at the request of or under the direction of the entity/organization which supports case preparation for the defense in any criminal or civil action;
  9. Performance of any work that requires access to police files or records

Members are prohibited from providing non-security activities including but not limited to serving food or beverages including alcohol, parking cars, collecting tickets, stocking shelves, handing out pamphlets, and influencing traffic flow in a public right of way.


  • Attire:  Off-Duty Officers will wear uniforms issued by OPD, unless authorized by the Chief of Police.
  • Equipment: Officers authorized to work Off-Duty Employment can utilize standard issued equipment while working Off-Duty.  Other equipment requests (vehicles, bicycles, canines, computers, etc.) outside standard issue must be authorized by the Chief of Police.
  • Cost: The rate for an off-duty officer is established between you and the officer.  The minimum rate is currently $35/hour.
  • Insurance Coverage:  Workman’s compensation insurance is required in order to employ an off duty officer.  Employers interested in hiring off-duty Olathe Police Officers for security work shall carry the statutory limits for Workers Compensation Insurance and a minimum of $500,000 general liability insurance coverage.  The officer and the off-duty employer will bear the responsibility for legal actions arising from off-duty employment.  The workman’s compensation insurance covers anything that happens to the officer outside of normal law enforcement functions.


This Off-Duty Employment Form must be completed and returned to the Off-Duty Coordinator to request an officer.