Police Volunteer Application

Olathe, Kansas, Police Department


PLEASE PRINT or TYPE DATE:____________________

Name_______________________________________________________Birth date______________________

Last First MI

Spouse Name: ________________________________________________Birth date______________________

Address ___________________________________________________________________________________

City __________________________________________________State ________Zip_____________________

Home Telephone________________Work Telephone ________________E-mail ________________________

Driver's License #___________________________State ______ Soc. Sec. # ____________________________

Employer ____________________________________Occupation ___________________________________

Business Address _________________________________City _________________ State _____ Zip _______

Previous Work Experience ____________________________________________________________________


Previous Volunteer Jobs ______________________________________________________________________


Have you or your spouse ever been arrested for a crime? Yes__________ No__________

If yes, explain:______________________________________________________________________________


Times you are available to Work:

Hours per Week Days Available Times Available

Character reference (2) other than a relative, who has known you for the past 5 years:

Name___________________________________________Telephone #________________________________

Name___________________________________________Telephone #________________________________

Emergency Contact Person

Name ___________________________________________Relationship _______________________________

Address _______________________________________________Telephone #__________________________

I certify that the information contained in this application is true and complete to the best of my

knowledge. You are authorized to conduct any investigation into my personal history. I understand that

any misrepresentation or omission of facts will be sufficient cause for denial.

Signature ____________________________________________________Date__________________________

Please return completed Application to Community Outreach Coordinator, Beth Wegner. 

Olathe Police Dept. 501 E. Old 56 HWY, Olathe, KS 66061, (913) 971-6323



1. CONTACTS Citizens and PROVIDES information about Crime Prevention Programs.

2. RECEIVES information and PREPARES written reports, such as parking violation logs, recaps,

vehicle maintenance logs, etc.

3. INPUTS codes and information into the computer system; VERIFIES accuracy.

4. MAINTAINS logs; PREPARES and DISTRIBUTES various reports.

5. ANSWERS and routes telephone calls and takes messages.

6. RECEIVES, DIRECTS and PROVIDES information to visitors.

7. PERFORMS miscellaneous office tasks, such as typing, filing, distributing mail, copying

documents, shredding documents, etc.

8. WRITES tickets to handicapped and fire lane violators

9. TESTIFIES in Municipal Court if needed for traffic tickets issued.

10. RIDES the bicycle/pedestrian trails in Olathe and ASSISTS with other special events.

11. CLEANS, SUPPLIES and CARES for the animals at the Animal shelter

12. PERFORMS any other duties deemed appropriate based on the individual volunteer's abilities and

deemed necessary as determined by the unit supervisor.


1. Must be a citizen of the United States of America.

2. Must be at least 18 years old and live or work in Olathe.

3. Possess a valid Kansas state driver's license. No DUI conviction within the past 5 years, three or

more citations within any 18 month period within the past 5 years, three or more chargeable or at

fault accidents within the past 5 years and no driver's license suspension or revocation within the

past 5 years.

4. Complete a Volunteer Application Form.

5. Sign Confidentiality Statements and a Waiver for Background Checks.

6. Successful completion of a background and character reference check.

7. Successful completion of an oral board interview.

8. Successful completion of a polygraph examination.

9. Submit two Applicant Fingerprint cards to be completed by the Police Department

10. Have available legally insured transportation and be willing to use it in the scope of their assigned

duties in the absence of city provided vehicles. Must provide copy of current vehicle insurance.

In addition, the position of volunteer will require whatever qualifications are necessary and desired to

perform the specific duties as determined by the Crime Prevention Unit Supervisor. Upon careful

evaluation of the applicant, selection is at the discretion of the Community Policing Unit Supervisory

Staff, with final approval from the Chief of Police.


  • FALSE STATEMENT: False statement of material fact/deception/fraud.
  • FELONIES: No felony convictions or commission of a felony in past 10 years.
  • MISDEMEANORS: Conviction and/or commission of a Class "A" or "B" within the past

five years. Crime of moral turpitude in the past ten years.

  • DRIVING RECORD: No DUI conviction within the past 5 years. Three or more citations

within any 18 month period within the past 5 years. Three or more chargeable or at fault

accidents within the past 5 years. Drivers license suspension or revocation within the past 5


  • PROBATION/PAROLE: Currently on probation, parole or diversion. (Inclusive of

deferred adjudication). Pardoned for any reason other than being innocent.

  • NARCOTICS/CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE: Use of any illegal drug within the past 5

years or the sale of a controlled substance at any time.

  • MARIJUANA: Any use in the past three years.
  • MILITARY DISCHARGE/CONDUCT: Discharge other than honorable (no conditions).

Conviction/commission of court martial offense.

  • THEFTS: Commission/conviction of a Class "C" theft within the past 2 years.

Commission/conviction of a Class "A"/"B" within the past 5 years.

  • UNACCEPTABLE BACKGROUND: Work history, educational history, military service,

general reputation, and interpersonal relationship.


Please check the appropriate box you feel best suits your skills and interests. Return this

form with the 1st page of the Application.


_____Must be accurate

_____Data entry


_____Typing skills

_____Excel or Word (underline)










_____Dealing with public (people skills)

_____Digital camera use

_____Ticket writing (good penmanship)

_____Computer entry



_____Knowledge of under the hood fluids

_____Ordering supplies

_____Detail cleaning



_____Physical ability

_____Dealing with public

_____Assisting the public with knowledge of First Aid, CPR

_____Communication with Police by cellular phone

_____Availability for training and extra duty



_____Cleaning cages

_____Cleaning bedding

_____Filling Food and Water Bowls

_____Some handling of animals