The Power of Light

The Power Of Light

Most burglaries take place during the daytime hours when homes and apartments aren’t likely to be occupied. But the cover of darkness affords no less opportunity for the burglar. How do you fight back? With lights, strategically placed and designed. Here are some tips:

  • Buy outdoor lights with photoelectric cells that turn on automatically at dark and go off at dawn. This way, you won’t forget to leave your lights on during the day, a clue that you may be on vacation.
  • Don’t mount all your outdoor light fixtures at a level that makes it easy for burglars to unscrew the light bulbs. Include installations mounted on the gable of a roof or garage.
  • Attach flashers to your alarm system. When set off by a break-in, blinking flood lights will alert your neighbors that a burglary is in progress.
  • Total darkness in a home is an invitation for burglars to strike. Leaving a single light on is not much better. Use automatic timers that simulate normal lighting patterns at staggered intervals.
  • A brightly lit lawn is no guarantee that a burglar won’t strike, especially when the lighting system is not strategically positioned. Example: burglars will often use the dark shadows that bright light creates along the side of the house, say, near a bedroom window.
  • Strongly consider the use of motion sensitive lights. They can highlight a trespasser, make his suspicious presence/activity stand out and draw attention to, as well as, unnerve him.

6.06.045 Unlawful Outdoor Illumination.

(a) No person shall install, maintain and/or use an outdoor visible light or other source of illumination which is on private property and produces glare or direct illumination across a property line in a residential area of such intensity that it creates a nuisance or unreasonably interferes with the use or enjoyment of adjacent property.

(b) Outside lights must be made up of a light source and reflector so that, acting together, the light beam is controlled and not directed across a property line.

(c) This section shall not apply to street lights or lights installed, maintained and used in connection with the use and operation of any outdoor stadium; amphitheater or athletic field.

(d) Unlawful outdoor illumination as defined by this section shall be deemed to be a "nuisance" under this chapter and to effect legal relief persons directly affected may sign a complaint in Municipal Court. (Ord. 94-60 § 1, 1994.)