Funding of Street Maintenance

Olathe's Street Preservation Program is included each year in the City's Capital Improvement Plan (CIP). The 2013 CIP allocates nearly $5 million to the program.

In addition to the budgeted amount included in the City's Capital Improvement Plan, the City actively seeks out additional funding opportunities to contribute to the Street Preservation Program, including grant funding. The additional funding the City receives through grants can typically be used only on arterial (4-lane) streets. The streets in Olathe that are most likely in Poor condition are local streets, which are not usually eligible for grant funds.

Funding Shortfall

The City is committed to diverting as many resources as possible to maintain streets at desired service levels. The Street Preservation program, however, cannot complete its mission of maintaining all Olathe streets in Good or better condition with current funding. On average, an additional $9,260,000 annually is needed in order to stop the fast degradation of street conditions. The City cannot budget for this amount without impacting other services that taxpayers have said are high priorities.

The chart below demonstrates the projected condition of pavements at current funding levels over time. As time passes, the amount of streets in Poor condition will increase, and the amount of streets in Good condition will decrease should funding remain constant.

  • Green represents pavements in Good condition
  • Yellow represents pavements in Fair condition
  • Red represents pavements in Poor condition