Street Preservation Project Types

Pavement Preservation Project Types 

Crack SealCrack Sealing--$2,500 per Lane Mile
Crack Sealing is a preventative maintenance process consisting of filling the cracks in the pavement with a rubberized sealant or asphalt product to prevent the moisture from penetrating into the base and subgrade material.





Microsurfacing--$23,000 per Lane Mile
Microsurfacing is an aggregate mixture of asphaltic oil, water, and crushed rock that spreads over the street at about 1/4 to 3/8 inch thickness. The microsurface product "cures" when the water evaporates, leaving only the asphalt to coat the crushed rock. This treatment process protects the existing street surface from the effects of aging and oxidization and increases skid resistance.

Completed Major Mill and Overlay
Thin Lift Asphalt--$27,000 per Lane Mile
Thin Lift Asphalt is an asphaltic-concrete overlay, which is used to level, waterproof, and restore the original street's shape and ride.

Asphalt Mill & Overlay--$118,000-$145,000 per Lane Mile
Asphalt Mill and Overlay is rehabilitation that includes minor repair to the ground below the pavement, minor asphalt base replacement, limited curb and gutter repairs, ADA-required sidewalk ramp improvements, and a 2" asphalt resurfacing.
Completed Street Reconstruction

Major Repair Mill & Overlay--$185,000 per Lane Mile
Major Repair Mill and Overlay is rehabilitation that includes significant repair to the ground below the pavement, asphalt base replacement, extensive curb and gutter replacement, and asphalt resurfacing of 2" or more.

Street Reconstruction--$850,000-$1.1 Million per Lane Mile
Reconstruction is the process of replacing the entire street within the existing right-of-way and consists of  improvements to the ground below the pavement; replacing the full depth asphalt or concrete pavement section; all of the curb and gutter; storm sewer; sidewalks; and ADA sidewalk ramps. Reconstruction may also incorporate moderate changes to street alignment, profile, cross-section, and roadway width.