Why is it Important to Increase Current Funding for Street Maintenance?

According to our annual DirectionFinder® survey, Olathe residents have consistently ranked the maintenance of City streets as a top priority. The City recognizes that well-maintained streets are of great importance to Olathe citizens, and that is why resources continue to be invested into the Street Preservation program.

Pavement deteriorates over time, and investing in the maintenance of our streets before they reach poor condition results in less costs for the City. For example, the pavement degradation curve below demonstrates that there is a 15% drop in pavement quality in the first 40% of the pavement's life; however, there is a 40% drop in pavement quality in the next 15% of the pavement's life. This means that the City can invest $1 in the first 40% of the pavement's life, or spend $8 trying to regain that condition later (based on current cost for Olathe's local streets).


The chart below shows the conditions of certain streets in the City of Olathe and the types of maintenance they require over time.