Street Sales Tax Accountability

In November 2013, Olathe voters approved a 10-year, 3/8 cent Street Maintenance Sales Tax, which the City began collecting on April 1, 2014. This additional revenue will go toward the City of Olathe Street Preservation Program, which is funded partially by the Street Maintenance Sales Tax, and partially by City General Fund revenues and grants. The information below outlines the projected revenues to be included in the Street Preservation Program and how the City plans to allocate these resources.

For questions regarding the Street Maintenance Sales Tax and the Street Preservation Program, please call the City's Public Works Department at 971-9045 or contact us via OlatheConnect

Map of 2014 Street Preservation Projects (subject to change)
Map of 2014 Street Conditions 

View the Public Works Construction Projects Map for detailed information regarding the status of street projects throughout the city. This map is updated regularly. 

Learn about the Street Maintenance Sales Tax Finance Oversight Committee.

Learn about the Street Maintenance Sales Tax Election

Estimated # of Lane Miles Scheduled to Receive Projects by Year 






*2014 and 2015 lane miles include both Street Maintenance Sales Tax and City General Fund revenues. 

Budget Projections







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