Parking Lots

Dimensions and Design of Parking Areas (UDO 18.60.040)

Standard parking stall dimensions shall be nine (9) feet by twenty (20) feet, exclusive of access drives on aisles. Parking stall dimensions may be reduced to nine (9) feet by eighteen (18) feet, with a twenty-five (25) foot wide drive aisle, provided that the reduction in pavement area is used as landscape area within the parking lot. Where the end of the parking space abuts an interior parking lot curbed area at least six (6) feet in width (with landscaping or sidewalk), an overhang may be permitted which would reduce the length of the parking space by two (2) feet. Such overhang shall be measured from the face of the curb. For standard parking lots, minimum dimensions shall be as specified in the City's Design Criteria and Technical Specifications Manual dated February 1990, and subsequent revisions.

These dimensions can also be obtained graphically in a standard detail for parking lots.