Damage Claim (Tort Claim)

A claim may be made against the City for some types of property damages or personal injuries.  This claim against the City is also known as a tort claim, which is enacted by the Kansas Tort Claims Act, K.S.A. 12-105-b.

The claim against the City requires the filing of a written notice with the City Clerk or the Governing Body and should contain the following:

1.   Name and address of the claimant and the name and address of the claimant's attorney, if any;

2.   A concise statement of the factual basis of the claim, including the date, time, place and circumstances of the act, omission or event complained of;

3.   The name and address of any public officer or employee involved, if known;

4.   A concise statement of the nature and extent of the injury claimed to have been suffered; and

5.   A statement of the amount of monetary damages that is being requested.

A claimant may not take legal action within 120 days after filing the notice of claim, unless the City denies the claim and provides notice before the 120 days expire.

The City Clerk's Office will coordinate the tort claims with the City's risk manager.

Tort Claim