Communities That Care Committees

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Olathe Communities That Care
Organizational Chart

Olathe CTC Org Chart  

Communities That Care Board/Committee Members:

Key Leader Board
Marlin Berry, Olathe Public Schools
Lori Alvarado, KS Dept. of SRS
Rita Ashley, Olathe Board of Education
Emily Baker, Olathe Public Library
George Bentley, City of Olathe (ret.)
Karin Brownlee, Kansas State Senate
Valorie Carson, United Community Services
Mayor Michael Copeland, City of Olathe
Karla Davis, student
Frank Denning, Johnson County Sheriff's Office
Frank Devocelle, Olathe Medical Center
Bob Drummond, TLC for Children and Families, Inc.
Betsy Gillespie, Johnson County Corrections
Kevin Gilmore, Olathe Chamber of Commerce
Janine Gracy, Regional Prevention Center
Bev Graham, Olathe Public Schools
Patricia Grindle, Salvation Army
Whit Hickman, YMCA
Stephen Howe, 10th Judicial District
Rod Janzen, Olathe Bible Church
Shirley Kelso, Catholic Charities
Carol LeVar, Olathe Public Schools
Lougene Marsh, Johnson County Government
Ted McFarlane, Johnson County Government
Steve Menke, Olathe Police Department
Dennis Moore, U.S. House of Representatives
Kory Norris, Olathe Public Schools
Aalok Patel, student
Edwin Robinson, MidAmerica Nazarene University
Ron Ryckman, City of Olathe Councilmember
Rick Settle, Olathe Public Schools
Susan Sherman, City of Olathe
B. Wayne Sims, KVC Behavioral HealthCare, Inc.
Devin Smith, student
Stephen Tatum, 10th Judicial District
Frank Taylor, Olathe Chamber of Commerce
David Wiebe, Johnson County Government
Michael Wilkes, City of Olathe


 Community Board Maintenance
Tim DeWeese, Johnson County Mental Health
Nedra Locke, NAACP
Doug Wood, Johnson County Commission


Community Board
The Community Board consists of the following committees:
Risk & Protective Factor Assessment Committee
Karin Brownlee, State of Kansas Representative
Debbie Culala, Cypress  Recovery
Cindy Galemore, Olathe Public Schools
Bev Graham, Olathe Public Schools
Rise Haneberg, Johnson County Government
Mark Richards, Marillac

 Funding Committee
Kathleen Rieth, Johnson County Court Svcs
Kari Simpson, TLC

Community Outreach/PR &
Youth Involvement Committee

Candy Birch, Olathe Public Schools
Chloe Boeschen, Student
Mike Hall, City of Olathe
Brady Heidrick, Student
Mike Jensen, Olathe Medical Center
Jeff Johnson, Johnson County Medical Svcs
Lisa Martin, MOCSA
Barbara Mitchell, Johnson County Health Dept.
Brenda Robinson, Olathe Public Schools
Sydney Sanders, Student
Victor Simmons, Student

Jeff Walton, Olathe Public Schools
Gordie Wetmore, Student

Resource Assessment & Evaluation Committee
Sharon Brashears, Olathe Public Schools
Laura Brewer, Johnson County Court Svcs
David Brown, Avenues to Recovery
Danna Dahl, MidAmerica Nazarene University
LaVern Fields, Olathe Public Schools
Chris Hagemann, Olathe Public Schools
Don Hymer, Johnson County DA's Office
Larry Katzif, Olathe Public Schools
Kory Norris, Olathe Public Schools
Becky Parrott, Parents as Teachers
Francie Pollom, Olathe Public Schools
Daryl Reece, Johnson County Sheriff's Dept.
Bruce Rider, Dept. of Corrections
Sylvia Romero, Center of Grace
Tim Starks, Olathe Public Schools
Susan Wallace, Olathe Chamber of Commerce






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