Communities That Care Process



Communities That Care Process:

Carry Out an Olathe School District Wide survey of students in secondary schools

The Olathe School District gives out an annual voluntary 133 question surveys to 6,8,10 and 12th graders. Parent consent forms are mailed out prior to taking the survey. The survey is provided by the Kansas Department of Social and Rehabilitation Services (SRS). About 70% of Kansas school districts use the survey, which provides data to support prevention planning across the state.

Identify risk and protective factors that lead to problem behaviors in youth

The survey measures the risk and protective factors that predict alcohol and other drug use, delinquency, gang involvement, and other problems. It also measures the prevalence and frequency of drug use and antisocial behaviors. The survey results will be analyzed and compared to previous year’s results as well as other local, state, and national results.

Map the Service and Programs that exist in the community to support youth and families and develop a Community Profile

The Communities That Care committees review the survey results and recommend priority risk and protective factors for focused attention by the CTC Board. Committees assess current community programs, policies, and resources that address the prioritized risk and protective factors. Their goals are to identify existing evidence-based programs that address the priority factors, discern the gaps in existing program delivery and recommend where new programs or policies are needed.  

Create a Community Action Plan

The results of the assessment process are reviewed by the full Community Board, and a community action plan is developed. Board members select prevention policies and programs that target their prioritized risk factors to fill gaps in current prevention services.

Promote the Plan

Communities That Care utilizes the proper channels to inform community organizations, local community, schools, parents and students of new and exciting changes and opportunities that will be coming.

Implement and Evaluate the Community Action Plan  

 The CTC Board with the support of the community implements the selected strategies and evaluates the progress over time.