Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Maps of Interest

Permanent Outdoor Sculpture (Story Map) 

Story maps provide a guided tour of locations with interactive images. This story map is a tour of the City of Olathe Permanent Sculpture collection. This web map is responsive - it will automatically adjust its look and feel based on if you are viewing it with a computer, a tablet, or a smartphone.


  • All Services This report returns nearly 50 pieces of information about schools, utilities and various government departments for an entered address.
  • Subdivision & Zoning Lookup This report displays subdivision and zoning information about the address that is entered. Information displayed includes the 'complete and correct' address stored in the database, the subdivision, zoning, plat and PID (parcel ID number). More than one address can be returned by the search.
  • Sign Permit Lookup This report displays sign permit information about the particular address, or permit number, that is entered. More than one address can be returned by the search.
  • Collection Day Search by Address: This information is now available on the All Services report.