Student Development Collaborative Efforts

Communities that CareCO-PILOT

  • A community coalition comprised of leaders from community segments designed to encourage positive youth development while preventing problem behaviors including substance abuse, academic failure, unplanned pregnancy, school dropout rates, and violence
  • The CTC model allows Olathe stakeholders to work together leveraging existing resources and evidence-based practices effectively and efficiently
  • The City and Olathe Public Schools partnered in 2007 to bring the process to Olathe, convening the first meetings in 2008. The Community planning process is ongoing

Placing Investment in Leaders of Tomorrow (21st Century Program)

  • A partnership with the 21st Century Internship Program with Olathe Public Schools
  • The City began the CO-PILOT program in 2007 to provide real-world experiences for students wanting to explore careers in government
  • Program provides Olathe High School juniors and seniors with on-the-job training by offering life experiences, as well as providing foundational knowledge and skills that tie into their educational career programs.

"Learning About Olathe" 3rd Grade Program2012-2013 Teen Council with Mayor Copeland

  • Developed in 2006 through a partnership between the City of Olathe and Olathe Public Schools
  • Provides Olathe's 3rd graders the opportunity to learn about their city government and services which are provided to Olatheans every single day
  • Each year, Olathe 3rd grade classes take a day-long field trip to City Hall and Public Works.
  • The trip include the opportunity for students to participate in a mock city council meeting in the City Council chambers, to visit learning stations that teach students about various city services, and to see how various vehicles and equipment work at the City's Public Works Department

Olathe Teen Council

  • Olathe Teen Council works with City and District staff to give valuable youth insight on current issues affecting Olathe. Teen Council connects youth representatives from schools across the City
  • The group adopts annual service projects and initiatives and consists of students representing all 4 Olathe High Schools and some private schools

Student Development Programs

  • The City provides support, as needed, for Student Development programs at Olathe Public Schools. These programs include Youth Court and Camp A.B.L.E.

Olathe Youth Congress 2012