Johnson County/Olathe Data Housing Collaborative Effort

Olathe and Johnson County have a long history of collaboration in the sharing and use of Information Technology.  Both agencies have previously collaborated on initiatives such as geospatial map data, portable radios and fiber optic networks.  The construction of a new data center by Johnson County provided yet another opportunity for Olathe and Johnson County to partner together. 

  • The location of the new County data center is be served by a fiber optic network owned by Olathe and already shared with Johnson County, providing ample connectivity for City needs. 
  • The new County data center will provide Olathe a more robust and secure environment at a fixed operational cost without the need to construct or operate a separate data center.
  • Johnson County in turn benefits by having redundant communication paths as a result of the Olathe network and a revenue stream to help offset a portion of their ongoing operational cost.