City's 2013 Waste Diversion Rate Exceeds National Average

Olathe residents continue to divert more waste from the landfill.  The City of Olathe waste diversion rate for 2013 is 38.29%, up from the 2012 diversion rate of 37.67% and exceeding the national average of 35%.

“The average amount of trash generated per household has been decreasing since the citywide curbside recycling program was launched in 2010. When we are able to increase our waste diversion rate, we are able to spend less on the cost of disposal of waste and keep rates at a reasonable price for our customers,” said Kent Seyfried, City of Olathe Solid Waste Manager.

For helpful recycling tips, visit or download the new Olathe Trash Day mobile app in the App Store or Google Play. Use Your Blue: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.