Lake Olathe

Lake OlatheLake Olathe

Address:  625 Lakeshore Drive

Location Description:  The lake is located between Santa Fe Road and Dennis Road at Lakeshore Drive.

History:  From September 1953 until March of 1954, for 17 months, a severe drought condition in Olathe forced water to be brought to the city by rail or truck. Olathe’s primary source of water, the “Old” Olathe Lake (now called Cedar Lake) had become not more than a bed of silt. In September of 1953, Olathe put forth plans for building a new and larger water source for  the city.

Plans were drawn up to include a 1,500 ft. dam on a lake with 170 surface acres with an average depth of 28.5 ft. and a maximum depth of 60 ft. Total cost of the dam, concrete, access roads and laying pipeline to the water treatment plant was set at $531,243 In October of 1953, the City of Olathe approved a $590,000 bond issue to build the lake.Lake Olathe Playground

The lake was formed by damming up Cedar Creek and its drainage basin with an area of approximately 16.9 square miles.

Lake Olathe is a 170  acre lake surrounded by a 208 acre community park originally dedicated in 1959. 


  • Playground
  • Three small picnic shelters (first come-first serve)Lake Olathe Shelter
  • One Large Shelter (available for reservation)
  • Shelter Specifications:
    Tables - 19
    Charcoal Grills - 2
  • Two Fishing Docks
  • Boat Ramp
  • Fishing Pier (ADA Handicapped Accessible)

Lake Olathe PlaygroundLake Olathe