Mahaffie Livestock Barn

In October of 2012,  Mahaffie Stagecoach Stop & Farm Historic Site announced a generous donation from long-time benefactor, Maron Moore of Olathe, KS.  The personal donation was made to fund the construction of a large barn at the Mahaffie site.  Mahaffie is pleased to announce this week that work on the new barn is commencing.

“The current barn was built sometime in the mid -20th Century and is in need of extensive repairs” said Tim Talbott, site manager.  “This significant donation allows us to replace that barn that no longer meets the needs of our animals and programming.”

The focus of the new barn will be to provide better housing for the Mahaffie livestock, and connect  visitors to the living history and agricultural programs of the site.  Visitors can engage more easily with the animals, have an opportunity for year-round learning programs, and will be able to view the 1860s farm equipment and horse-drawn vehicles housed at Mahaffie. The outside structure of the barn will fit the environment of Mahaffie Historic Site, while the interior will be a modern, highly-functional, public-access space.

“We are extremely grateful for the continued support of Mrs. Moore,” said Tim Talbott, site manager. “This donation will continue to allow us to expand on our mission to engage visitors with hands on experiences of 1860s farming, frontier life, and stagecoach travel while preserving the nationally significant Mahaffie story.”

New Mahaffie Livestock Barn