Growing Up Victorian

Our youngest students enjoy discovering what life was like for children in the mid-1800s. Students participate in 1800s activities designed to help them make comparisons with their lives today.

Age/Grade Level RecommendationRolling Hoops

Grades K-2

Curriculum Concepts

This program is designed to meet curriculum standards for both Kansas and Missouri schools including economics, social studies and history standards.  View a complete list of Kansas and Missouri standards for this program.

Hands-On Activities

This program is typically split into four different educational activities with students rotating between the stations.  Activities can include but are not limited to:

  • Farm chores: old-fashioned laundry and feeding the farm animals
  • Period games: rolling hoops and Graces
  • Stagecoach ride

"We loved coming to visit!  Thank you for the hands-on learning," 1st grade teacher.