Home on the Range

Many of the tools, skills and words used by American cowboys trace their beginnings to the vaqueros of Mexico.  Discover these connections and find out if the lives of 1860s Kansas cowboys match what you see in the movies.

Age/Grade Level RecommendationRoping

Grades 3-8

Curriculum Concepts

This program is designed to meet curriculum standards for both Kansas and Missouri schools including social studies and history standards.  View a complete list of Kansas and Missouri standards for this program.

Hands-On Activities

This program is typically split into four different educational activities with students rotating between the stations.  Activities can include but are not limited to:

  • Cowboy Gear
  • Rope a "Steer"
  • Brand leather with a branding iron
  • Stagecoach ride

"Always a wonderful experience for our students, thank you!" - 4th grade teacher