Midwest Nutrition

11836 Quivera Rd, Overland Park, KS 66210

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Eleven- 60 minute classes
$34/Olathe residents $29
The weight loss challenge is a 11-week program in which the group meets weekly for an hour to learn about proper nutrition, improving eating habits and customizing your calorie intakes to match your body’s exact composition. Each week participants will weigh in and consult with the coaches. Each person will receive personalized coaching and a free, private, non-intrusive body scan and wellness evaluation. Prize money will be paid out after week 11. Previous contests have ended with an average weight loss of over 19lbs and over 10 inches per person with many participants losing much more! For more information call Midwest Nutrition at 913-608-5192
Deadline: 1 Week Prior. Min: 5 Max 30