Ensor Radio to Operate Again

Ensor Radio to Operate Again

The Ensor short wave transmitter will broadcast live on Saturday, Jan. 5 after 40 years off the airwaves. The transmission will run from 7:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. and can be heard on ham & short wave radios on frequency near 3885-3886 kHz. For those without a short wave or ham radio, the Marshall Ensor Memorial Organization invites the public to attend the event at the Farm House, 18995 W. 183rd. Street in Olathe.


Marshall Ensor transmitted from the Olathe farm house beginning around 1922. His sister Loretta became the first woman to send transmission over the Pacific Ocean in 1926. The radio room where the current transmitter sits was built in 1925 and the current transmitter was installed in 1929. Ensor spent his career in Olathe as an educator and this time included teaching an amateur radio operator training course. Transmission ran from Ensor farm until 1972.


The project to restore this piece of Olathe History began in 2009 through the Marshall Ensor Memorial Organization and with the aid of amateur radio enthusiasts from around the area. The three year project included replacing pieces that had been damaged due to sunlight and age.


“This is another great opportunity to bring Olathe history to life,” said Kevin Corbett, Olathe Parks & Recreation director. “The Ensor Farm was a unique place in history where farm life and technology came together.”


This event was originally scheduled for December, but was moved do to weather.