Olathe Kids Crew

Fall Semester Days: Registration Codes, Rates and Plans 

Olathe Kids Crew- School's Out!  Now what?

Did you know that there are 11 days scheduled off for Olathe students during the first semester? Olathe Kids Crew gives you the perfect place to keep your kids busy through a variety of hands-on activities. Simply become an Olathe Kids Crew member and then you will receive information on how to enroll each date

Get kids active for the summer when kids are out of school!  Kids will engage in a variety of activities such as arts, crafts, nature, sports, games and more.

Enrollment Fee: $30 One time per school year per child.  Non-Refundable/Non-Transferable Enrollment Fee

Grades: K-6th 

Rate per day: $25-$40; this will depend on the activities for the day.

*All fees are non-refundable.  Fees may be transferred to another day provided eligibility or to another participant and are subject to a $5 processing fee

Hours:   7:00 AM-6:00 PM


  • October 10, 15, 16, 17, 20
  • November 26
  • December 19, 22, 23, 29, 30, 31
  • January 5, 19
  • February 6, 11,12, 13, 16
  • March 16-20, 23
  • April 17
  • May 21,22

Min. 5 Max 60

Location: Olathe Community Center

How to Register: Registration is by day.  You will receive a notification via email at the beginning of each month with the plans for each date care will be provided.  Then you can register for the days you want!  Enrollment is limited to 60 campers per day. 

Important Information for Parents: 

OKC Policies

Frequently Asked Questions

Forms:  The following Forms must be fully completed prior to registration for a day and or attendance.  Any children missing these forms will be unable to attend until complete. 

 You may submit these forms by:

  • Mail: Olathe Kids Crew- Recreation Division, PO Box 768, Olathe KS 66051
  • Fax: 913-971-8690
  • Email: recreation@olatheks.org