Olathe Kids Crew

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Winter Break Days: Registration Codes, Rates and Plans 

 Friday, December 19:

Moon Marble- Fee: $30/Registration Code: 26622


Monday, December 22:

Jingle Arrg the Way at Theater for Young American-Fee: $30/Registration Code: 26623


Tuesday, December 23:

New Release at Dickinson Theater-Fee: $30/Registration Code: 26624


Monday, December 29:

Zonkers-Fee: $30/Registration Code: 26625


Tuesday, December 30:

Bowling at Olathe Lanes East-Fee: $30/Registration Code: 26627


Wednesday, December 31:

Bringing in the New Year at OCC-Fee: $25/Registration Code: 26628


Monday, January 5:

Prairie Fire Museum- Fee: $30/Registration Code: 27256


December/January Registration Form- Online Regstration not available for this program.  

Ways to Regster: Registration Form above, Phone 913-971-8563 or in person at the Olathe Community Center.

Spring Semester Dates, Trips, and Codes