Things to Do




Lighted, full-court basketball facilities are located at Black Bob Park (14500 W. 151st Street) and Fairview Park(400 N. Walnut).







Boating in Olathe is available at Lake Olathe and Cedar Lake. The gates open at 6am and close at 10pm.

Cedar Lake, 15500 S. Lone Elm Road - Electric powered motors only.

Lake Olathe, 625 Lakeshore Drive - Entire lake is a NO WAKE zone (5 mph max).

All persons must follow Kansas boating laws for proper registration and equipment requirements.




fishA Kansas State Fishing License is required. A City license as well as a Johnson County permit is not required. Fishing is allowed at the following Olathe locations:


Playgrounds & Swing Sets


  • Arrowhead
  • Black Bob
  • Brougham
  • Calamity Line (playground only)
  • Cedar Lake
  • Eastbrooke
  • Fairview
  • Frisco (playground only)
  • Frontier
  • Frontier Pool (playground only)
  • Girls Softball (playground only)
  • Hampton (playground only)
  • Haven
  • Heatherstone (playground only)
  • Lake Olathe
  • Mahaffie Pond
  • Mill Creek
  • North Walnut
  • Oregon Trail
  • Pine & Elm (playground only)
  • Prairie Center
  • Scarborough (playground only)
  • Southdowns (playground only)
  • Southglen (playground only)
  • Two Trails (playground only)
  • Water Works (playground only)
  • Woodbrook (playground only)


Skate Park


The Skate Park is located at Two Trails Park (1000 N. Ridgeview). Enjoy the facility and please be safe and courteous.







  • Black Bob Park, 14500 W. 151st, 4 fields
  • Frontier Park, 15501 W. Indian Creek Parkway, 2 fields
  • Oregon Trail Park, 1100 S. Robinson, 2 fields
  • Prairie Center Park, 555 N. Olathe View Road, 10 fields





Lighted courts:
Mill Creek Park, 320 E. Poplar
Two Trails Park, 1000 N. Ridgeview

Day play courts:
Havencroft School, 1700 E. Sheridan
Olathe East High School, 14545 W. 127th Street
Olathe North High School, 600 E. Prairie
Olathe South High School, 1640 E. 151st
Rolling Ridge School, 1500 W. Elm Terr.
Scarborough School, 2000 Lindenwood



Trail Surface Distance (Miles)
Arapaho Asphalt 0.2
Indian Creek Trail Asphalt 7.7
Black Bob Park Loop Ag-Lime 1.4
Two Trails Park Loop Asphalt 0.9
Calamity Line Park Loop Concrete 0.5
Frisco Lake Loop Asphalt 0.9
Water Works Lake Loop Asphalt 0.8
Mahaffie Creek Trail Asphalt 3.1
Rolling Ridge Trail Asphalt 2.5
Heritage Trail Asphalt 2.3
Calamity Line Park Loop Concrete 0.5
Eastbrooke Park Loop Asphalt 0.3
Heatherstone Park Loop Concrete 0.5
Mahaffie Pond Loop Asphalt 0.2
North Walnut Park Loop Asphalt 0.2
Prairie Center Park Asphalt 0.9
Southdowns Park Wood chip/concrete 0.4
Veterans Memorial Park Loop Concrete 0.2
Bicycle lanes are located on Dennis Ave., 5.4 miles; Harold St., 1.0 miles; and Woodland Rd., 2.0 miles.


Visit the Johnson County Park & Recreation District website for a comprehensive County-wide trail map.