Woodbrook Park


Woodbrook Park Playground

Address:  14821 W. 123rd Terrace

Park Location:  The park is located along W. 123rd Terrace between S. Shannan Court and S. Acuff Lane. Pedestrian path access points are located from 123rd Terrace and cul-de-sacs located on S. Acuff Court and S. Alden Circle.  

Park History:  The 2 acre park was dedicated in 1990.

Park Amenities:Woodbrook Park Shelter

  • Playground
  • Half-Court Basketball Court
  • 0.2 mile pedestrian path
  • Picnic Shelter (first come-first served)
    Shelter Specifications:
    Table - 1 (capacity 8)
    Charcoal Grill - 1
    Water Fountain