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Olathe Performs: The New Interactive Dashboard

Post Date:04/04/2017

Ever wanted to find the most recent crime rates in Olathe? What about citizen satisfaction with value received for tax dollars? In the past, you would have to sift through the Annual Performance Report filled with dozens of pages to find this information. While this document contained valuable and important information, it could be challenging for residents to navigate. Introducing Olathe Performs, the new interactive performance management dashboard. Now, it is easier than ever to find the City’s key result indicators.

The new Olathe Performs dashboard, accessible via, is the go-to place for 33 total performance measures split into six key focus areas identified by community members as most important: active lifestyle, economic vitality, financial, public safety, transportation and utility services. Additionally, the dashboard highlights sixteen “Council Key Metrics,” which were identified by the Olathe City Council from within the six focus areas as the most important performance measures. 

Dashboard Functionality

The new dashboard provides a more interactive and understandable format for reporting performance measures. Using a color-coded system of green, yellow and red, the dashboard shows, at a quick glance, each measure’s reporting status of on-target, under caution, or off-target respectively. Clicking into a given performance measure provides further detail, including the past two years of data compared to Olathe’s target goal. Many measures also include Kansas City region and national averages for comparison. 

Furthermore, each measure includes a brief analysis, helping residents understand what these charts really mean. For example, citizen satisfaction with overall quality of Parks & Recreation programs was at 92.32 percent at the end of 2016, surpassing the target of 88 percent and far outpacing the KC region and national averages by nearly 25 percentage points.

Previously, the City reported on all performance measures on an annual basis. With the new Olathe Performs dashboard, the City can report on many measures more frequently. Of the 33 measures, sixteen are measured annually, three biannually, and fourteen quarterly.

Transportation Focus

Given how important safe and efficient transportation is to Olathe residents, the City revamped measurement and reporting in key areas for all modes of transportation (pedestrian, bicycle, bus, and auto). The Olathe Performs dashboard includes three new transportation-focused metrics to help residents better understand the state of Olathe’s transportation systems:

  • Mobility Index – availability and movement within the overall transportation network
  •  Transportation Preservation and Renewal – current performance of the system vital to support existing and future assets
  • Transportation Satisfaction – customer perception regarding overall transportation network availability, movement and condition

Given that 2017 will be the baseline year for these new measures, no data is currently available. We will update the Olathe Performs dashboard accordingly as the data is recorded. As with the other performance measures, residents will be able to follow along with progress as the City reports more data over time.

Continued Improvement

Ultimately, the goal of the Olathe Performs dashboard is to use this data to positively impact the lives of Olathe citizens. Olathe is already in the top ten percent—and in some cases the top five percent—of cities in the nation in many of these performance measures. This revamped reporting system allows the City to use data analytics for continuous improvement.

Check out the new Olathe Performs dashboard by navigating to “Performance Measures” under the Services tab or at the bottom of web pages. Learn more about the dashboard at “Performance Management” under the Government tab on the Olathe homepage.

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