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Olathe Budget Process Moves to Public Hearing

Post Date:08/01/2017 8:00 AM

The proposed Olathe budget moves to the public hearing phase. At the City Council’s request, the proposed budget now includes a quarter mill reduction and continues its focus on areas taxpayers say are priorities.

The five key themes of the 2018/2019 budget are:

Olathe is safe.

Olathe remains one of America’s safest cities. Based on the use of analytics and crime data, the proposed budget includes new positions for the Olathe Police Department, including five detectives and one detective sergeant, as well as a school resource officer (SRO) and SRO sergeant to accommodate the new junior high and high school.

Olathe is innovative.

The City of Olathe consistently looks for ways to work smarter and more efficiently. The proposed budget includes the expansion of the fire department squad concept, including the addition of two new squads that will be able to respond to emergencies in areas most needing service. The budget also adds a fire resource coordinator to work with Olathe West High School’s 21st Century Public Safety Academy.

Olathe is moving.

Traffic flow remains the highest investment priority of Olathe residents. The budget includes adding a project inspector for infrastructure projects, as well as investment in traffic signal timing improvements and street maintenance.

Olathe is active.

Olathe voters elected to enhance and grow the City’s parks, including Lake Olathe. The budget includes four new employees to maintain the new investment in Lake Olathe and a safety maintenance technician to ensure park and pool amenities remain safe.

Olathe is community.

Olathe is not merely a city, but a community. The budget includes funding for the Healthy Neighborhood Initiative designed to help ensure challenging areas are strong and vibrant. The budget also creates a roadmap for the library master plan’s implementation, including funding for the new Indian Creek Library.

After considering public comments, the City Council will adopt the finalized budget at the August 15, 2017, City Council meeting.

Visit the budget page to learn more about the proposed 2018/2019 budget.
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