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Street artist to paint mural in Downtown Olathe 🎨🖌️🖼️

A new public art experience will soon come alive in Downtown Olathe.

Post Date:06/26/2019 3:32 PM

A new public art experience will soon come alive in Downtown Olathe.

As part of the Envision Olathe Downtown Plan, each spring, the City will select an artist to design and install a mural in the intersection of Cherry St. and Park St.

The mural will be painted directly onto the concrete, and is aimed to increase residents’ exposure to public art in the Olathe community.

Shogo Yamazaki, known professionally as Jay Shogo, has been selected to create the first mural. Shogo’s design was chosen for its bright, inviting colors and flowing lines. He describes the mural as a representation of the connectivity of people, time, place and experiences.


Shogo currently lives in Tokyo, Japan. Visiting Olathe, and especially the Kansas City Metro, is an opportunity he says he couldn’t pass up.

“The first MLB cap I bought in my childhood was a Kansas City Royals one, so I have been wanting to go to Kansas,” Shogo said. “I also want to paint art everywhere in the world, so I was excited when I found this project.”

Finding joy through artwork is important to Shogo. He expresses his creativity by designing with various mediums. Throughout his career, he has showcased live paintings, exhibitions, and collaborations in various cities across Japan. His shows have also extended to cities like Los Angeles, New York City and Miami, and countries like Barbados and South Korea.

Shogo describes his art as a unique mix of cultures, which is heavily influenced by American life and icons. American icons like Muhammad Ali and Beyonce have been featured in his work. Celebrities like Jamie Foxx and Dwayne Wade have worn and used his pieces. Shogo says he strives to express his daily life through art, while also capturing the common experiences of all audiences.

“Art is important to our lives because it gives us inspiration, which leads to innovation,” Shogo said. “I’ve liked drawing since childhood. Before starting a full-fledged artistic career as Jay Shogo in 2009, I was a designer of my own fashion brand, High Light Cavalet, and eyewear brand, beik.”

Whether painting a mural on concrete in Olathe, or designing pieces for celebrities, Shogo says his proudest accomplishment is his ability to leave positive impressions on those who interact with his art.

“Through my artwork, I am able to give people good emotions, such as joy and excitement, and make them smile,” Shogo said.

Shogo will begin painting the mural in Downtown Olathe Friday, June 28. He will continue painting as part of Fourth Fridays, which begins at 5 p.m. The installation is expected to be complete within two days.

To see more of Shogo’s work, visit Learn more about the Envision Olathe Downtown Plan on the City’s website.


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