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Top-10 Recycling Reminders! ♻️ 🗑️ 📦

Post Date:08/07/2019 9:04 AM

Although he might be famous for it, David Letterman isn’t the only one who can come up with a Top-10 list! We love recycling and know you do, too, so help us, help you! Straight out of Olathe, here’s our Top-10 list for recycling reminders!

  1. Forget trying to remember when trash day is, or in which cart an item belongs. Download the Olathe TrashDay app for free on your mobile device. You’ll never miss trash day again, and will always have a handy list of which items can be recycled!

  2. Break down cardboard boxes before placing them in the blue recycling cart. This helps save staff time, reduces the risk of on-the-job injuries, and leaves extra space in the truck! You can also place broken down boxes next to the cart.

  3. Remove plastic bags (including biodegradable plastic bags) from the blue recycling cart. Plastic bags get caught in the machinery in the truck and at the materials reclamation facility (MERF), where recycled goods are sorted. Because of this, plastic bags are not accepted at the curb, but many large box retailers and grocery stores offer special containers for plastic bag recycling.

  4. Keep a separate container for glass. When glass breaks, it contaminates other recycled goods. It also puts staff at risk of injury. Glass is not accepted at the curb, so drop off your glass at any Ripple Glass location in Olathe!

  5. Clean aluminum foil and pans, and stick them in the blue cart! All foil that’s free of food and debris can be recycled!

  6. Throw shredded paper in the gray trash cart. Even though paper can be recycled, shredded paper is not accepted in curbside pickup. Shredded paper gets caught in the machinery, just like plastic bags.

  7. Recycle oil, paint, batteries, and other hazardous materials, free of charge, at the City’s Household Hazardous Waste Facility.

  8. Remove caps from plastic bottles. Although bottles can be, caps cannot be recycled. Remove all bottle caps before placing plastic bottles in the blue cart.

  9. Empty aerosol cans to recycle them in your blue cart. If they’re not empty, drop them off at the Household Hazardous Waste Facility for others to use.

  10. Fill your recycling cart more often than every two weeks? Upgrade your cart from 35 or 65-gallons, to a 95-gallon cart, free of charge! Need an additional cart, request one for free! Call 913-971-9311 to place your order. The cart will be delivered on your next scheduled recycling day, subject to availability. 
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