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2020 Water Quality Report is now available

Post Date:04/30/2020

The City of Olathe produces safe quality drinking water, meeting or exceeding all state and federal health and safety measures every year.

Olathe’s water is obtained from four wells along the Kansas River near DeSoto. In 2019, the City of Olathe treated 4.2 billion gallons of drinking water for an average daily demand of 11.7 million gallons per day. After production and treatment, the City's certified laboratory staff performs 90,000 tests to ensure quality before it is pumped out to Olathe homes and businesses for use.

As surface water filters through the ground, it dissolves naturally occurring minerals. As a result, environmental events such as flooding have less of an impact on Olathe water quality.

Find additional information about water softeners, the water treatment process, customer satisfaction ratings, bottled water vs. tap water, improvements to the Water Treatment Plant, and water quality activities over the last two years in the full Water Quality Report at

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