view of olathe on sunny day

We all have a role to play to keep Olathe a beautiful city. Everything from parked vehicles to lawn maintenance has an effect on the look and feel of our city. Here are some reminders about common issues that will help ensure we are all doing our part to be #OlatheProud!

The Community Enhancement Division makes sure Olathe neighborhoods stay beautiful by:

  • Inspecting properties for exterior code violations
  • Requiring corrections to enhance property values and quality living

Here are some helpful tips so you can help keep Olathe looking good:

Vehicles – Olathe Municipal Code Chapter 6.06.040
  • Inoperable vehicles may not be stored outside
  • Vehicles must be street-operable and properly registered. Tarps may not cover any vehicle.
Recreational Vehicles (boats, trailers, motor homes, etc.) – Olathe Municipal Code Chapter 6.06.047
  • RVs must be parked in garage, side or rear yard if there is reasonable access.
  • Only one RV may be parked on the driveway if there is NOT reasonable side/rear yard access.
Parking – Olathe Municipal Code Chapter 6.06.046
  • Vehicles/motorcycles may not be parked in any portion of the yard or walkway.
Lawn Maintenance – Olathe Municipal Code Chapter 6.09.050
  • Grass and weeds may not exceed eight inches in height.
  • Property owners must maintain adjacent rights-of-way and easement areas within property lines.
Tree Maintenance – Olathe Municipal Code Chapter 12.16.020
  • Severely damaged, dead or diseased trees must be removed.
  • Limbs hanging lower than 13.5 feet over a street or 10 feet over a sidewalk must be trimmed.
Trash, Recycling, & Yard Waste – Olathe Municipal Code Chapter 6.04.050
  • Smart carts must be placed at the curb after 5 p.m. the day before trash pick-up and brought back before 5 p.m. the next day.
  • Carts must be stored indoors or beside the residence.
Nuisance Items – Olathe Municipal Code Chapter 6.06.040
  • Spare materials, furniture, trash, etc. may not be stored on the exterior of the property.
  • To schedule a bulk pick-up, call 913-971-9311 at least one day prior to the pick-up date.
Exterior Maintenance – Olathe Municipal Code Chapter 15.22
  • All building structures must be completed and maintained in good condition, including roofs, exterior surfaces, gutters, doors and windows.
  • Driveways and public sidewalks must be safe and clear of debris, snow, etc.
Animals – Olathe Municipal Code Chapter 18.50.030
  • Permits are required to have farm animals on the property. Roosters are prohibited. Call 913-971-8972 for further information.

Code Resolution Process

Once a codes concern is received by the City, the following process begins:

  • A community enhancement officer will inspect the reported location to verify the violation
  • A community enhancement officer will notify the appropriate party of the violation and provide a specific time frame to comply with City and State regulations
  • The compliance time frame is determined by City and State ordinances
  • The compliance time frame may be extended upon request
  • Additional action such as abatement or a "notice to appear" in Municipal Court may be taken if the appropriate party does not comply within the designated time frame
  • The Municipal Court judge will determine guilt or innocence and the appropriate penalty