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wellness fair blood pressure
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"To promote and support a culture of healthy living that puts your total wellbeing first."

The City of Olathe’s Wellbeing mission statement is “to promote and support a culture of healthy living that puts your total wellbeing first.” The program is guided by a strategic goal that engages all five elements of wellbeing – career, social, financial, physical, safety, and mental – through customizable engagement activities that create measurable outcomes. Our efforts to increase employee wellbeing are tailor-made for specific populations within our workforce.

Onsite Wellbeing

To help our employees prioritize their physical health, the City provides a free onsite wellbeing and acute care center. The Olathe Wellbeing Center (OWC) offers high-quality care and wellness services:

  • Medical and nursing staff to diagnose, treat and prescribe for a variety of common illnesses and minor injuries
  • Health assessments and coaching services
  • On-the-clock OWC visits
  • Available for spouses & dependents on the health plan

In addition to the Olathe Wellbeing Center, we strive to provide other health resources to our employees, such onsite 3D mammograms, an Employee Assistance Program (EAP), and our annual health and safety fair, where vendors provide a variety of screenings and free resources to employees, retirees and spouses.

Wellbeing Incentive Program

The City offers employees both participation and outcome-based incentives to drive engagement in our wellbeing programs and promote healthy lifestyle choices. The City employs a Wellbeing Coordinator who collaborates with our wellness vendors and an Employee Wellbeing Committee to develop engaging and relevant wellbeing campaigns and challenges throughout the year:

  • Annual walking challenge, where departments compete and participants receive Garmin tracking devices
  • Monthly financial wellbeing courses
  • Free onsite fitness classes
  • Chair massages
  • Standing work stations and ergonomic environmental improvements
  • Free annual flu shots
  • Educational lunch-and-learns 

Through enthusiastic leadership support, these programs have produced amazing results for the City in the areas of organizational culture, wellbeing awareness, employee morale and engagement.