As technology constantly advances, it becomes an integral part of the City of Olathe's operations. The Information Technology (IT) department partners with all city departments in the creation and implementation of innovative solutions and services to become safer, more efficient and connected to our community.

Olathe's IT team members have a variety of technical skills and experience to provide a high level of service for City needs.

The City's technology strategies are:

  • Focus on the City’s Foundation
  • Focus on Public Safety & Cyber-security 
  • Digitally Connect to Our Community 
  • Data Integration & Reporting 

Current IT Projects:

  • Body Cameras (FD) –  (Mid 2018) Body Camera Technology for (FD) is utilizing a Proof of Concept trail for two Battalion Chief Vehicles 
  • Digi-Ticket –  (Mid 2018)  Technology to automate and print tickets written by Officers.  This eliminates manual entry of hand written tickets into our Courts System. 
  • Fire Trucks – (Late 2018) Partnered with the fire department to install new technologies in the trucks to make sure fire crews get emergency data in real time.

Completed IT Projects:

  • Body Cameras (PD) -  Body Camera Technology Upgrade being deployed to all Olathe Officers.
  • E-Chat -  Gives citizens the ability to chat online with customer service representatives to give them more options to contact the City’s Customer Service department.
  • Fire Bomb Truck –   Olathe FD received a grant to purchase a state of the art Fire Bomb Truck that will support Olathe emergencies as well as County emergencies when required.
  • Fire Station #8 –  Olathe Fire Department (FD) is expanding coverage around the Olathe Lake Area by creating a new temporary Fire Station (#8) in an existing City Owned Building that can improve response times to that area. 
  • Park & Recreation Mobile Application – This application combines park information, recreation opportunities, wellness information and options to sign up for Olathe Parks and Recreation events.
  • Permitting - Streamlines the processes for citizens and community developers to apply for and manage permit applications
  • Transportation Services (Taxi) – Provides qualified residents an electronic coupon card to replace paper coupons