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Where do you come in? We need you to help answer all of our questions! Over the next few months, the City will be asking residents, business owners, and visitors in Olathe to share what your vision is for the future of Olathe.

Imagine Olathe in 2040. What do you see? Tell us on the Olathe 2040 discussion site. Share your thoughts on social media with #Olathe2040. Or, stop by one of the upcoming City events listed on the calendar where City staff will have Olathe 2040 activities for you to share your vision of the future. Look for staff wearing bright, green shirts.

We can't wait to shape the future of Olathe with all of you!

Olathe2040 Engagement
Olathe2040 Engagement
Olathe2040 Engagement

What is Olathe 2040?

How do you imagine Olathe in 2040? How will our neighborhoods, jobs, infrastructure, and technology change?

These are all important questions to consider as the City enters into the 20-year strategic planning process. Over the next several months, the City of Olathe will try to answer these questions, and many more.

Why does Olathe need a strategic plan? Olathe 2040 will:

  • Help define a bold vision for the City that distinguishes Olathe from other communities
  • Create big, audacious goals and clearly planned course with thoughtful strategies that are adaptable to possible futures
  • Establish targets and measures to ensure Olathe is making progress toward this vision for the future

City Council will guide the strategic plan with significant input from the public. The plan will consider things like infrastructure, economic vitality, and how Olathe will grow and flourish into the future.