Parks & Recreation General Information

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Resident Fee Discount
Olathe residents receive a discount to many programs offered through Olathe Parks & Rec. You may be asked to produce proof of residency to receive this discount.

Registration Options

- Online on the Parks and Rec web page
- Call (913) 971-8563
- Visit the Olathe Community Center, 1205 E Kansas City Road

Forms of Payment Accepted

- Cash
- Check
- Money Order
- Cashiers Check
- Credit Cards: MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Discover.

Registration Policies
• Registration must be made one week prior to start date, unless otherwise noted, to prevent cancellation of program due to low enrollment.
• Olathe Parks & Rec will process registrations on a first come, first serve basis.
• Request for sign language interpreters, inclusion assistant and other special needs must be requested at least two weeks prior to the activity start date, via the Special Needs Assistance request. Found online on the Parks and Rec web page.
• Correspondence/reminders of registrations are not guaranteed to be sent to the participant prior to the first date of the activity.
• You will be placed on a waiting list if the activity is full. We will call you if an activity opening becomes available.
• All registrations are subject to availability and space is limited for all activities. The last date to enroll is listed as the deadline date.
• Olathe Parks & Rec reserves the right to consolidate classes and change locations to ensure that an activity will meet the minimum enrollment.

Returned Check Policy
A $25 service charge will be made for any check returned by the bank. The registration will become null and void, if payment for the insufficient check is not made within 24 hours after being notified by registration personnel.

Refund Policy
Refunds will be granted for the following reasons:

1. When an activity has insufficient registrations and must be canceled.
2. To any registrant who is restricted from participation due to a change in the activity location, date or time.
3. To any registrant who is restricted from participating due to medical reasons (doctor’s note must be presented) as long as the request is made before no more than two activity meetings have been completed. A prorated amount will be issued or transferred, if the activity has already started.
4. To any registrant without reason, so long as the request is made at least 10 working days prior to the first day of the program.

All refunds (or transfers) initiated by the participant will be subject to a 5% service charge with a $5 minimum and a $15 maximum to be retained by the department. Please allow up to 20 days for the city to process refunds.

Please note, Outdoor Camps and Olathe Kids Crew have a different refund policy and may be viewed by visiting their webpage.

Trip Refund Policy
A full refund/credit will be issued for any program that is canceled. A full refund may be honored if your spot can be filled prior to the deadline date. Due to advance payment requirements on many of our trips, refunds may not be available. Any refund request must be made with advance notice. Please review each trip’s refund policy prior to enrollment. Olathe Parks & Recreation reserves the right to make changes as necessary to preserve the integrity of the trip. Please keep a record of the dates and times for the programs in which you enroll. You will be notified if there is a problem with your individual registration, or if a program has been filled, canceled or rescheduled.

When enrollment does not meet the class minimum, Olathe Parks & Rec reserves the right to cancel activities. To help avoid cancellation of classes, register at your earliest convenience. All class and activity fees, times, dates and locations are subject to change, if the scheduled facility becomes unavailable or if there was an error.

Wait List Policy

Wait list entries can be made for up to three classes per program session.  In the event of an opening, a staff member will contact individuals on the waiting list to fill the opening.  If an individual accepts enrollment from the wait list, his/her name will be removed from all other wait lists in the associated program session.  Patrons cannot be enrolled in a program and be on a wait list for another section of the same program.

*Please note we may photograph those enrolled for promotional purposes. Enrollment in our programs grants permission for us to use these images.