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Geocaching is an outdoor treasure-hunting game for Global Positioning System (GPS) users to track the location of caches (treasures) all over the world and share the location coordinates online.
A cache location is entered as a "waypoint" to notify visitors where the geocache is hidden. Visitors are asked to leave something equally valuable for the next visitor.

Geocaching in Olathe

The City monitors
The City reserves the right to remove any cache we feel inappropriate for any reason.

Placing Caches in Olathe

  • Caches should not interfere with any normal use of park facilities.
  • Caches are not permitted in park shelters, sports fields or playground areas.
  • Caches should not be placed in potentially dangerous locations such as storm culverts/drains or cliff areas.
  • Caches should not be permanently attached to or buried at any park structure or natural feature.
  • Caches should not be placed in landscaped areas such as flower and shrub beds.
  • Vegetation and trees should not be cut, trimmed or altered.
  • Caches must be clearly marked.

Hunting Caches in Olathe

  • Be respectful of our community developed and natural park features.
  • Pick up litter and leave the park a better space.
  • Be courteous to fellow park patrons who are using trails or other park facilities.
  • Have fun and enjoy!

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