Weather Notifications

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Inclement weather and special announcements are made through the Olathe Parks & Rec Rainout line service.

Please click the interest area below to view current status or call the rainout line directly. 

 Weather Notification Phone Lines
 Interest Phone No.  Menu Options 
Adaptive Recreation 913-204-0863

Extension 1: Special Olympics

Extension 2: Special Population

Extension 3: Miracle League

Outdoor Summer Camps 913-203-4306

Extension 1: Two Trails

Extension 2: Black Bob 

Extension 3: Oregon Trail

Sports and Special Events 913-204-0858

Extension 1: Adult Sports

Extension 2: Youth Baseball and Softball Leagues

Extension 3: Youth Soccer Leagues

Extension 4: Tennis Lessons

Extension 5: Special Events

Extension 6: Youth Flag Football Leagues

Extension 7: Youth Basketball Leagues
Extension 8: Instructional Baseball Classes

Extension 9: Instructional Soccer Classes

Extension 10: Lacrosse

Extension 11: Instruction Flag Football Classes

Extension 12: Instructional Volleyball Classes

Extension 13: Instructional Basketball Classes

Extension 14: Black and Veatch

Swimming Pools


Extension 1: Black Bob Pool

Extension 2: Frontier Pool

Extension 3: Mill Creek Pool

Extension 4: Oregon Trail Pool

Extension 5: Outdoor Swim Lessons

Extension 6: Aqua Fit

Extension 7: Indoor Swim Lessons

Olathe Community Center 913-204-1596

Extension 1: Building Hours

Extension 2: Group Exercise

Extension 3: Aquatics

Extension 4: Rentals

Extension 5: Child Watch

Other Outdoor Activities 913-971-8563  

Golf Lessons