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View pets available for adoption.

The Animal Control Unit attempts to locate the owner of animals.

Unclaimed animals are available for adoption after a waiting period of three full business days.

Owners may surrender their dog or cat to the Animal Shelter.  See fee schedule for current amount.

Adoption Policy

  • The adopting party must sign an agreement to have the animal spayed/neutered and vaccinated for rabies, onsite, by the City veterinarian before taking possession of the animal.
  • The animal remains property of the City until the sterilization is complete and the adopting party has possession of the animal.
  • The adopting party will pick up the animal at the Olathe Animal Shelter.
  • Paid fees and all other rights are forfeited when animals are unclaimed.




Adoption Fee (all ages)



Spay or Neuter Fee (all ages)



Rabies Fee (four months and older)



City License Fee - First Year (six months and older)



Total Adoption Fee $110 $80

*This fee is waived if animal was spayed or neutered previously.