Park Excise Tax

About Park Excise:  The park excise tax is a funding mechanism established to benefit parks and facilities for Olathe.  A detailed   description regarding the specifics of the tax can be found by clicking HERE.

 History:  The Park Excise Tax was first enacted in 1989.  It has been amended on occation to keep pace with normal living adjustments.

Past Park Excise Projects:  Listed below are a sampling of parks produced from Park Excise Tax funds.  For more information, please call our offices at (913) 971-8563

Heatherstone Pond







Heatherstone Park

Brougham Park











Eastbrook Park


Hampton Park

Manor Park


Raven Ridge




Future Parks

  • 5.2 acres at 116th and Greenwood (to be designed in 2013)
  • 6.2 acres along Lindenwood in the Arbor Landing Subdivision