Alarm Registration/Renewal-Alarm Company

All alarm companies (monitoring, servicing, and installing) must register annually.  

Alarm monitoring companies shall not make an alarm dispatch request during the first seven (7) days following an installation.  

  • The following signals do not apply to this waiting period.
    • Panic signal
    • Duress signal
    • Holdup signal
  • Contact the City alarm coordinator at 913-971-8530 for consideration of an exemption from this waiting period if special circumstances substantiate the need.

Notify the City alarm coordinator at 913-971-8530 when alarm system accounts are purchased from another company.  

The following is a summary of alarm monitoring company requirements per Olathe Municipal Code Chapter 9.25:

  • Verify every alarm signal, except duress or holdup activation, before requesting a law enforcement response.
  • Provide an alarm user registration number when requesting law enforcement dispatch.
  • Communicate cancellations to the Johnson County Sheriff's Department at (913) 971-7455.
  • Ensure that all alarm users get adequate training for systems equipped with a duress, holdup or panic alarm signal.
  • Maintain records  for a period of at least one year from the date of an alarm dispatch request.  Records must include:
    • Name, address and telephone number of the alarm user
    • Alarm system zone(s) activated
    • Time of alarm dispatch request
    • Evidence of an attempt to verify.
  • Furnish records to the City alarm coordinator within three business days of receiving a request within sixty days of an alarm dispatch request.
  • Furnish records to the City alarm coordinator within thirty days of receiving a request between sixty days to one year after an alarm dispatch request.

Use this form to register your alarm company with the City of Olathe.

  • Your alarm registration is valid from January 01 to December 31 of the current year.
  • A registration fee is not required.
  • Contact the City alarm coordinator at 913-971-8530 if you have questions.
  • This is a secure page and your information will not be transmitted in clear text.
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