Fire Department Public Event Request

Use this form to request our attendance or participation - usually firefighters and a fire truck - at your back to school night, neighborhood event, etc. Please know that we are unable to participate with birthday parties or the endorsement or promotion of products, services, businesses, etc. Call us with questions at 913-971-7900.

Requests are processed Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., excluding holidays. Form submission does not guarantee participation by us at your event; grant permission for use of our name or logo in any advertisement; or, connect us in any manner to your event. We will contact you about the status of your request (confirm attendance; regrettably decline; suggest an alternative date; etc.). 

Be mindful that all fireworks are illegal in Olathe. Events may be randomly checked to help ensure community safety.

Does your special event or block party require a permit? Visit the City Clerk page to find out more.


Event Information
State your goal for the event and how the Olathe Fire Department will help you meet this goal.
Which activities would you like the Olathe Fire Department to provide (equipment display, safety program, demonstrations, etc.)?
Please list other groups and organizations that have agreed to attend.
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