Pre-Application Meeting Request

To assist development projects in Olathe, the Planning Services Division provides appointments for an informal meeting with a development review team each Tuesday and Thursday morning.  The development review team consists of a staff member from all City departments that are involved in development plan reviews.  This meeting provides staff and the applicant the opportunity to exchange information and explain issues that impact the design of a project.  This pre-application meeting will either be a Discovery or Project Evaluation meeting, depending on the need of the client.

Discovery Meeting:  The discovery meeting provides for the exchange of information regarding the applicants proposed concept plan and the requirements of the Comprehensive Plan and other regulations.  It is not necessary to have detailed plans drawn prior to the discovery meeting, however, the more information provided the more thorough and specific the staff can be in response.  The project summary form (below) will need to be submitted to request an appointment.  Also submit via email to Jana Hartnett a location map and a drawing of the site.

These documents will need to be in .pdf format.  The meeting is not necessary if your project already has plans to be evaluated.

Project Evaluation Meeting:  The project evaluation meeting provides a more in depth review of a plan with the applicant prior to submitting the application.  At the conclusion of this meeting, the applicant should be aware of all materials needed for filing the application and the correct format for all documents.  The project summary form (below) will need to be submitted to request and appointment.  Also submit via email to Jana Hartnett the following: site plan, building elevations, utility plan, and if not previously submitted a location map.

These documents will need to be in .pdf format.


If you have questions, please contact Jana Hartnett, Customer Service, Development Coordinator at 913-971-8972.

Development Services Pre-Application Meetings
Contact Information
Project Information
(i.e. Address of Nearest Intersection)
(i.e. Commercial, Industrial, Residential, Special Use, Lot Split, Addition)
Include information such as, but not limited to site layout, intended use, existing site conditions, as well as any questions you have regarding the property. Please provide as much information as possible as this will assist staff in answering your questions at the pre-application meeting.
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