Community and Accessible Community Awards Online Application


The City of Olathe's Community and Accessible Community Awards Nomination Application

The City of Olathe’s Human Relations Commission (OHRC) and Persons with Disabilities Advisory Board (PDAB) proudly present the City’s Community Awards  Program, designed to recognize members and entities of the Olathe business, civic, and philanthropic community who have been actively involved in improving the quality of life; advancing cultural diversity and advocacy of human relations for all Olatheans.

Olatheans realize that diversity makes our community better, and accessibility provides the opportunity to fully enjoy all of the wonderful resources that our city has to offer from work, to recreation! 

Help the OHRC,  PDAB and our community by nominating someone from our community who has greatly impacted the quality of life for our residents, for you...  

To be eligible, persons must be:

  • Actively contributing to the advancement or promotion of human rights benefiting the citizens of Olathe are eligible.
  • Living and/or working in the City of Olathe are eligible. 
  • Living and/or working elsewhere who have had a positive impact upon or on behalf of the disabled citizens of Olathe are also eligible. 
  • Current members of the Olathe Human Relations Commission, Persons with Disabilities Advisory Board and support staff are not eligible.
  • Current members of the Olathe Human Relations Commission, Persons with Disabilities Advisory Board and support staff are discouraged from ‘receiving recognition’ for organizations or businesses to which they belong or on behalf of individuals.

Visit award categories to learn more.

  • All nominations must be received in our offices by 5:00 p.m., Monday, September 30, 2013. 
  •  Please complete this form and be as concise as possible. Only the information provided on this form will be used to evaluate the nominee.   

If you have questions regarding the OHRC/PDAB Community Awards or the nomination process, please feel free to call (913) 971-6493.

Nominator Questions (In 50 words or less)
Describe the Nominee(s) Achievements/Accomplishments (i.e., what has the nominee done to promote the advancement of human rights, equality, inclusion, and/or cultural diversity in the Olathe community)?
How did the Nominee’s actions impact and benefit Olathe’s culturally diverse communities?
Are there any other attributes of the Nominee that you would like us to consider (such as leadership, determination, perseverance, positive attitude, etc.)?
Please check the category for which you are nominating this person-can be one or more.
Supplemental Data for Accessible Community Awards Nominations: Please complete this section, if you are nominating an individual or entity for the Accessible Community Awards Category. If not, please leave blank.
Please check the category for which you are nominating this person or entity. You may check more than one.
Nominee’s Achievements/Accomplishments--The impact of the Nominee’s achievements or accomplishments, for which recognition is considered, should be notable and apparent in one or both of the following: • Meritorious service in the pursuit of disability inclusiveness; and/or • Demonstration of perseverance and determination that exemplifies the inclusiveness and contributions of the disabled in our community.
The Nominee’s achievements or accomplishments should be factually based and verifiable, whether a specific single event, multiple events, or an on-going endeavor. Please share a factually based, verifiable specific event, multiple events, or an on-going endeavor with us regarding the nominee.
Nominee Attributes--Please list other personal/professional attributes of the Nominee that give insight into the total person or entity, such as, but not limited to: • Leadership (i.e., the ability to lead an effort on a particular issue, which, in turn, enhances understanding and awareness of the disabled community); • Initiative (i.e., self-motivation and the ability to bring projects to completion); • Resourcefulness (i.e., the ability to skillfully deal with new situations or difficulties); and • Humanitarianism (i.e., concern for others). • Community involvement (i.e., a demonstrated commitment to our community)
Please provide any additional comments pertinent to the nomination
Nominee's Contact Information
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